Devi Kavacham Sanskrit PDF

If you are looking for Devi Kavach, you will find it here in this article of Devi Kavacham Sanskrit PDF.

Ma Durga bestows all of her blessings on the person who reads Devi Kavach everyday two times.

Devi Kavaham was told by none other than but Brahma the creator of this universe to sage Markandey.

How To Use Devi Kavacham Sanskrit PDF?

Devi Kavacham Sanskrit PDF
Devi Kavacham Sanskrit PDF

Ideally, it’s mentioned in Durga Saptasati that Durga Kavacham can be used by any devotee who seeks blessings of Durga Mata.

It is also recommended that it should be read twice: morning and in the evening to get the results.

If you are having trouble pronouncing the words correctly, watch this video below before you begin:

You should also take care that you take bath with pure water, wear clean attire and light a Diya and Dhoop.

Then begin calling Durga Ma by chanting “Om Durgay Namah”

Once you have done it for several times, ideally chant it along with 108 names of Durga Ma.

Then start Devi kavacham with full concentration and right pronunciation.

Durga Kavach PDF

So you may want to download the Durga Kavach PDF?

It’s really handy and you can read it anywhere once it’s downloaded.

Still most of the people prefer reading Durga Kavach from the book itself.

Ok let’s cut the chase. You can download Devi Kavacham Sanskrit PDF by clicking here.

OR Just Zoom in the images below to read:

Devi Kavach PDF

So in this article, I shared with you Devi Kavach PDF that you can read anytime using your phone or laptop.

It is recommended that you read it twice a day with full devotion, concentration and the right pronunciation.

If done it this way, Mata Rani will protect you from all the evils by providing you an invisible Kavach.

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Also, if you want to download some free Durga Ma Images, this website has a lot.

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The author is a big devotee of Durga Maa.

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