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108 Names Of Durga Ma With Meaning

Here are 108 Names Of Durga Ma with their meanings you should know of. All these names of Durga Ma are also mentioned in Durga Saptasati.

108 Names Of Durga Ma With Meaning
108 Names Of Durga Ma With Meanings
1.Meaning of SatiSati means someone who got burned alive.
2.Meaning of SaadhviThe mata who is Sanguine.
3.Meaning of BhavapritaDurga Mata is also called the Goddess who is loved by the whole universe. This is the meaning of Bhavaprita.
4.Meaning of BhavaaniDurga Maa is called Bavaani as this means the abode of the universe.
5.Meaning of BhavamochaniThe one who is the absolver of the universe.
6.Meaning of AaryaMeans Goddess or Mata.
7.Meaning of DurgaThe goddess who is Invincible.
8.Meaning of JayaThe Mata who is Victorious.
9.Meaning of AadyaThe meaning of Aadya is initial reality.
10.Meaning of TrinetraTrinetra means the one who has three eyes like shiva.
11.Meaning of ShooldhariniThe goddess who holds a monodent.
12.Meaning of PinaakadhariniPinakdharini is the one that holds the trident of Lord Shiva.
13.Meaning of ChitraThe mata you can picturesque.
14.Meaning of ChandaghantaOne who has extreme mighty bells.
15.Meaning of MahatapaGoddess with severe penance.
16.Meaning of ManahManah means mind in Sanskrit.
17.Meaning of BuddhiIt means intelligence in Hindi
18.Meaning of AhankaaraThe one who has Pride.
19.Meaning of ChittarupaGoddess who is in the thought-state.
20.Meaning of ChitaChita means Death-bed in Hindi.
21.Meaning of ChitiChiti means the thinking mind.
22.Meaning of SarvamantramayiThe Durga who possesses all the instruments needed for thought.
23.Meaning of SattaOne who is above and beyond everything.
24.Meaning of SatyanandasvarupiniMatarani that has eternal bliss.
25.Meaning of AnantaThe one who is Infinite or beyond any measure.
26.Meaning of BhaaviniBhaavini means an extremely beautiful woman.
27.Meaning of BhaavyaBhaavya means “who represents future” in Hindi.
28.Meaning of BhavyaSomeone with a lot of magnificence.
29.Meaning of AbhavyaThe Durga who is fear-causing in the evils.
30.Meaning of SadagatiThe Durga who gives you Moksha and is in motion like time.
31.Meaning of ShaambhaviThe consort of Shiva is called Shaambhavi.
32.Meaning of DevamataDurga is called devmata because she is believed to be the mother of all gods.
33.Meaning of ChintaChinta in Hindi means tension or anxiety.
34.Meaning of RatnapriyaThe goddess who is adorned by jewels.
35.Meaning of SarvavidyaThe goddess who possesses all the knowledge.
36.Meaning of DakshakanyaSati was the daughter of Daksha and was a reincarnation of Durga Ma.
37.Meaning of DakshayagyavinaashiniAs she interrupted the yajna of Daksha she is called with this name.
38.Meaning of AparnaAparna means the one who doesn’t even eat the leaves while fasting.
39.Meaning of AnekavarnaGoddess who has many visible complexions.
40.Meaning of PaatalaThe goddess who is red in color.
41.Meaning of PaatalavatiThe one who wears red colored clothes.
42.Meaning of PattaambaraparidhaanaThe one who is wearing a dress made up of leather-like material.
43.Meaning of KalamanjiiraranjiniThe goddess who is wearing a musical anklet.
44.Meaning of AmeyaaThe one you can never measure.
45.Meaning of VikramaThe form of Durga that is very violent.
46.Meaning of KrrooraaThe one who is brutal on demons.
47.Meaning of SundariThe gorgeous of all the women.
48.Meaning of SursundariThe one who beautiful than anyone.
49.Meaning of VandurgaMata of the forest.
50.Meaning of MaatangiThe goddess of Maatanga.
51.Meaning of MatangamunipujitaThe goddess who was worshipped by the sage Matanga.
52.Meaning of BraahmiThe female who has powers of Brahma.
53.Meaning of MaaheshvariThe one who is the power fo Maha Shiv.
54.Meaning of AeindriThe goddess who possesses the power of Indra.
55.Meaning of KaumaariThe Durga int he adolescent age.
56.Meaning of VaishnaviThe Matarani who is invincible.
57.Meaning of ChaamundaThe goddess who slayed demons Chand and Mund.
58.Meaning of VaarahiGoddess who rides on Varaah.
59.Meaning of LakshmiShe is the goddess of wealth.
60.Meaning of PurushaakritiPurushaakriti is the female who has the power of becoming a man.
61.Meaning of VimalauttkarshiniThe form of Durga that provides joy and happiness.
62.Meaning of GyaanaThe Durga who is the source of knowledge.
63.Meaning of KriyaSomething that exists every day.
64.Meaning of BuddhidaThe Durga who bestows the wisdom.
65.Meaning of BahulaAs Durga can take many forms she is called Bahula.
66.Meaning of BahulapremaThe one who is loved by everyone is called Bahulaprema.
67.Meaning of SarvavahanavahanaThe Durga who can ride all the vehicles.
68.Meaning of NishumbhaShumbhaHananiShe was the slayer of the demon-brothers Shumbha Nishumbha that’s why she is called with this name.
69.Meaning of MahishasuraMardiniDurga slayed the bull-demon Mahishaasura. That’s why she is called with this name.
70.Meaning of MadhuKaitabhaHantriDuga was the slayer of the demon-duo Madhu and Kaitabha.
71.Meaning of ChandaMundaVinashiniThe form of Durga who is the destroyer of the ferocious deadly asuras Chanda and Munda.
72.Meaning of SarvasuravinashaDestroyer of all the demons in the universe.
73.Meaning of SarvadaanavaghaatiniThe one who is blessed with the power to kill all the demons.
74.Meaning of SarvashaastramayiOne who is mentioned in all the theories.
75.Meaning of SatyaMaa who is truthful.
76.Meaning of SarvasastradhaariniSarvasastradhaarini means the Durga who is the possessor of all the missile weapons.
77.Meaning of AnekashastrahastaThe form of Durga that possesses many hand weapons
78.Meaning of AnekastraDhaariniThe one who is the owner of many weapons.
79.Meaning of KomaariThe beautiful adolescent age of Durga.
80.Meaning of EkakanyaEkakanya means just one girl child.
81.KMeaning of aishoriadolescent
82.Meaning of YuvatiYuvati means a complete woman.
83.Meaning of YatiThe Durga who renounced the world.
84.Meaning of ApraudhaMa Durga is immortal that’s why she is called Apraudha.
85.Meaning of PraudhaA woman who can transform into an old lady.
85.Meaning of PraudhaOne who is somewhat-old.
86.Meaning of VriddhamaataThe mother who is in her old age.
87.Meaning of BalapradaThe one who bestows strength to people.
88.Meaning of MahodariThe form of Durga who has a huge belly which stores the universe.
89.Meaning of MuktakeshaOne who has some open tresses.
90.Meaning of GhorarupaThe form of Durga that has a fierce look.
91.Meaning of MahaabalaThe Durga with immense strength.
92.Meaning of AgnijwaalaDurga, who is poignant like fire.
93.Meaning of RaudramukhiForm of Durga who has an equally fierce face like the destroyer Rudra.
94.Meaning of KaalaratriKaali was equally black like the night that’s why Druga is called Kaalaratri.
95.Meaning of TapasviniThe form of Durga who is engaged in penance.
96.Meaning of NarayaniThe destructive aspect of Lord Narayana or Brahma
97.Meaning of BhadrakaaliFierceful form of Kali.
98.Meaning of VishnumayaThe magical spell of Lord Vishnu.
99.Meaning of JalodariThe one who abodes to the ethereal universe.
100.Meaning of ShivadootiThe counterpart of Lord Shiva.
101.Meaning of KaraaliThe violent form of Durga
102.Meaning of AnantaThe one who is infinite is called Ananta.
103.Meaning of ParameshvariThe goddess above all the goddesses.
104.Meaning of KatyayaniOne who was worshipped by the sage Katyanan.
105.Meaning of SavitriThe daughter of the Sun God Savitr.
107.Meaning of PratyakshaThe goddess who is real and is evident.
108.Meaning of BrahmavaadiniOne who is present everywhere or omnipresent.
108 Names Of Durga Ma With Meanings


In this blog post I have explained the meaning of 108 Names Of Durga Ma with Meanings.

Reading all these names everyday makes anyone dear to Durga Mata.

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