Nancy Pelosi Net Worth

Nancy Patricia Pelosi is an American politician serving as Speaker of the United States House of Representative since 2019 and previously from 2007-2011. On January 3,2021 she was re-elected to fourth term as a speaker of the house, which is apparently her last after a deal with progressives. She is the 52nd Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. This role makes her the highest-ranking elected woman in the country and the second line for the presidency. In 2013, she was inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame at a ceremony in Seneca Falls.

Nancy Pelosi’s Early Life

Pelosi was born on March 26, 1940 in an Italian-American family. She was born to Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. and Annunciata M. “Nancy” D’Alesandro. She was the only daughter of the seven children and was the youngest.

She was influenced by politics since childhood because his father was a Democratic Congressmen from Maryland and later became Mayor of Baltimore. Her mother was also active in politics, she taught Pelosi the importance of Social Networking. She eve helped her father in his campaigns.

In 1958, Pelosi graduated from the Institute of Notre Dame, a high school in Baltimore. In 1962, she graduated from Trinity College in Washington, D.C., with a Bachelor of Arts in political science

Nancy Pelosi’s Career

Pelosi started her career by first interning for Senator Daniel Brewster in 1960s. Later on, she moved to San Francisco, California, where she befriended 5th District congressman Phillip Burton. In 1976, she was elected as a Democratic National Committee member from California, holding upto that position until 1996.

After Burton passed away in 1983, he was succeeded by his wife Sala. After she no longer wished to run for re-election, Sala Burton designated Pelosi as her successor, which gave Pelosi a bunch of previous supporters. Following Sala’s untimely death a mere month into her second term, Pelosi won the resulting special election and took office as the 5th District congresswoman in June 1987. From 1987 to 1993- She represented the 5th District

From 1993 to 2013- She represented the 8th District

 From 2013 to the present – She represented the 12th District

Pelosi has a rating of 92% for her voting record on civil liberties by the American Civil Liberties Union’s Congressional Scorecard, she has also raised her support for LGBTQ+ rights, and against things like welfare reform and the Iraq War.

Nancy Pelosi Net Worth

Nancy Pelosi is a millionaire having net worth if $120 million, if combined with the wealth of her husband, the range could level up to $202 million. As a speaker of House, Nancy’s Salary boosted to $223,500.

Nancy Pelosi’s Personal Life

Pelosi married Paul Frank Pelosi in the year 1963. They first met while attending college. Paul owns a venture capital, financial consulting and real estate firm called Financial Leasing Services, INC. They have five children, Nancy Corinne, Christine, Jacqueline, Paul, and Alexandra and eight grandchildren. They even have their own vineyard in St. Helena, California, that is valued between $5 million and $25 million. When in San Francisco, the Pelosis reside in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of san Francisco.

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