Powerful Durga Mantra

Powerful Durga Mantra has the power to reach Durga Ma directly.

Our ancestors were very much aware of these Mantras and used to chant them and pass it on to the next generations.

Today, very few people know about these magical Durga Siddhi Mantras.

In this article, we will talk about all of these special Mantras that you should be chanting to get the blessings of Maa.

Most Powerful Durga Mantra

Below are some of the most powerful Durga Mantra so use them with care and proper rituals.

Ma Durga Siddhi Mantra

Chant these mantras 1008 times for 9 days in sequence to get any of your desired wish fulfilled in less time.

Most Powerful Durga Mantra

Gauri Mantra

If you chant any of the below mantras for 1100 times, it’s believed you will soon meet your true soulmate.

Gauri Mantra

Ma Durga Mantra For Wealth

If you chant this mantra for 9 days with full faith after taking bath, you’ll soon start getting opportunities to make more money.

Ma Durga Mantra For Wealth

Ma Durga Mantra For Bad Deeds Done Unknowingly

It’s believed that you get the results for your good as well as bad deeds. If you want to save yourself from the result of the sins you may have committed unknowingly, this mantra will get you rid of that.

Ma Durga Mantra For Bad Deeds Done Unknowingly

Powerful Durga Mantra | Things To Keep In Mind

As you know that 9 days are uttermost important in Navratri. So if you chant any of the above mantras of Durga Ma, your all wishes will come true.

These mantras are extremely powerful and are capable of getting you any kind of Siddhi.

In Vedas, these are called secret mantras of Maa Durga.

You must make sure that you are chanting these mantras for at least 1100 times. But no more than 3000 times daily.

Also, you must ensure that you read Durga Saptashati just after you finish chanting these mantras.


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