Ramesh Babu Barber Net Worth

Ramesh Babu Barber is famously known as Billionaire Barber. Now he is known as “Billionaire Barber”. He is a barber and also a businessman. His clients include politicians, military officials and film stars such as Salman Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Aamir Khan. He also owns a luxury car rental business of 67 alternative cars. Despite being a multi-millionaire, he still cuts hair at his salon at a reasonable price. He says that as long as his hands are healthy he will continue being a barber. Due to all this success and an inspirational story, he has given several TEDx talks.

Ramesh Babu Early Life

Ramesh Babu was born in Bengaluru in a very poor family. His father owned a small salon in Bengaluru. He died in 1989 when Ramesh was just 7 years old. In order to earn their daily bread, his mother had to work as a cook. She rented out the barbershop for Rs 5 per day since she could not run the shop. Their family grew up on just one meal per day.

Ramesh wanted to help his mother as he thought it was his responsibility. But she refused him and insisted that he completed his education first. He did as his mother said but at the same time also did some odd jobs to make some extra money as well. He used to do part-time newspaper delivery work, supplied milk bottles etc when he was 13.

Ramesh Babu Personal Life

Ramesh Babu is a married man and has two daughters and one son.

Ramesh Babu Education

Ramesh Babu failed his 12th class. So after that Ramesh obtained a diploma in Electronics from Industrial Training Institute (ITI).

Ramesh Babu Career

After the diploma in 1994, he started to work in his father’s salon which was called Inner Space. The salon was situated in a shopping complex near the school where he studied. He used his savings o renovate the salon and employ two workers.

In 1997 purchased a Maruti Omni with his savings from his hard-earned money and a car loan. He had always dreamt of owning a car and finally fulfilled this dream. His grandfather had to keep their home mortgage to let him get the car loan. He started to rent it to people for personal use and also used it as a taxi car to pay off the loan. This proved to be a turning point of Ramesh’s life and he made a reputation in the car rental business. He recognized the potential of this business and gradually built a fleet of cars. By the end of the 1990s, he had established Ramesh Tours and Travels, a taxi operation business.

Ramesh Babu Vehicles

Ramesh Babu’s first luxury car was the Mercedes E-Class luxury sedan which was worth 38 lakh INR. He bought it in the mid-2000s when he got a proposal from Mercedes India to buy a model. he saw it as an excellent opportunity to get into the luxury car segment. He took a loan for it and added his savings to buy the car. Despite people telling him it was a risky move, Ramesh followed his intuition. Currently, he owns more than 200 cars and 400+ minibuses. These also include imported vehicles like a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, BMW 5, 6 and 7 series, Mercedes C, E, V and S class, Mercedes- Maybach S500, Honda Accord, Honda CR-V and Toyota Camry. He has a bunch of imported Toyota mini-buses and Mercedes vans.

He has employed around 120 people. His first-ever driver still works with him.

He also owns Suzuki Intruder high-end bike which costs 16 lakh INR.

Ramesh Babu drives to work in Rolly Royce Ghost which is worth 3.1 crore INR. It is also the most expensive car in his garage. He works at his salon from 5 pm to 6 pm every day. According to him, this keeps him close to his roots. Not only this, but he even teaches barbering to his three children.

Ramesh Babu Net Worth

The net worth of Ramesh Babu is estimated to be $2 billion. He keeps adding cars to his collection now and then.

Ramesh Babu is one of the richest hairstylists in India. Although his earning from the salon is modest he earns a fortune through his luxury car rental business. He charges 75,000 INR a day for Rolls Royce.

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