Story of Ma Durga

Before we talk about the story of Ma Durga, there’s something we all must know about. That is that the first being in this universe is believed to be Kushmanda Ma.

Science calls it god particle but our Vedas and all the ever old ancestors have always believed that Kushmanda Ma was the god particle.

She is believed to be living in the core of the sun and providing energy to the whole world.

Mata Kushmanda created Shiv, Vishnu, Brahma, Saraswati, Mahalakshmi, Kali & Shakti. Afterward, Ma Saraswati, Mahalakshmi, and Ma Kali were absorbed by Ma Kushmanda, and then she entered in Mata Shakti.

Real Story Of Durga Ma

Ma Durga Story

So far the real story of Durga Ma is known to very few.

As you know that Kushmanda Ma was the first being in this universe and later on she created our three main gods i.e., Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh.

All of these three gods had the responsibility to create, destroy, and maintain the system.

Then there was a time when many demons were trying to dominate other gods after getting boons from the main gods.

As they had boons, it was nearly impossible for other gods to kill them Durga Ma.

So all the gods gathered and combined their energies to create Ma Durga.

Later on, they all provided their special powers and weapons to Mata Durga.

This is how Ma Durga came into existence.

What Powers Does Dura Ma Have?

As mentioned earlier, she gained special powers from all the gods.

On top of that, they also provided her with the invincible weapons.

Shiv gave her Trishul, Vishnu gave her Chakra, Hanuman gave her Gada, Shri Ram gave her Bow and arrows, and many other small weapons were given to her by other gods.

Story Of Ma Durga Conclusion

Kushmanda Ma was the creator of all the gods, and then later on Durga Ma was created by all the gods to eliminate all the demons.

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