Warren Buffett Net Worth

The Warren Buffett aka the oracle of Ohama aka the 4th richest person in the world is himself an institution. Warren Edward Buffett is one of the most triumphant investors of all time. He is an American investor, business tycoon, his glory i.e., CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and a philanthropist. But as the saying goes however high you fly, always stick to your roots, following this Buffett assures to donate 99% of his wealth. So far, he has given more than $41 billion, mostly to the Gates Foundation and his kids’ foundations.

Warren Buffet’s Early Life

The tycoon was born on August 30,1930 in Osama, Nebraska to Leila and Congressmen Howard Buffett. He bought his first stock at a mere age of 11 of Cities Service preferred for himself and first filed his tax returns at the age of 13. So to further continue his interest in business and giving himself a firm, technical and proper background, he entered Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1947 before transferring to and graduating from the University of Nebraska at 19. He graduated from Columbia Business School, where he constructed his investment philosophy around the concept of value investing mastered by Benjamin Graham. To focus and strengthen is Economic background, he attended New York Institute of Finance, thereafter building several partnerships including one with Graham himself.

Since he was a kid, he was influenced by the environment around him and was deeply driven by the concept of business. He used to work with his grandfather in his shop. One of his first business ventures where selling newspapers, Coca-Cola and chewing gums and used to make money from them when he was not even 10 years old. At the age of 10, he went to New York, at made sure that he visits New York Stock Exchange, which added fuel to his passion.

Warren Buffet’s Career

1951 to 1954- Worked at Buffett-Falk & Co. as an investment salesman

1954 to 1956 – worked at Graham-Newman Corp. as a securities analyst

1956 to 1969- worked at Buffett Partnership, Ltd. as a general partner

From 1970, worked as Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

In 1951, Buffett discovered that Graham was on the board of GEICO insurance He offered to work for Graham for free, but Graham refused.

He returned back to Omaha, took classes on speaking and felt confident. Therefor he started teaching on Investment Principles at University of Nebraska-Omaha.

Later on, in the year 1952 he got married and. Thereafter, in 1954 he started working for Graham and earned a lot through the partnership. Since Graham grew old, he closed all the partnerships. So, later on he started his own company Buffet Partnership.

In 1956, He launched Buffett Partnership, Ltd. In the year 1957 he operated three partnerships and bought his own house in Omaha itself. Later on, he met Charlie Munger (as of now Vice President of Berkshire Hathaway). And in the year 1962 he became a millionaire primarily because of his investments and partnerships. In Jan 1962, had an excess of $7,178,500, of which over $1,025,000 belonged to Buffett. His firm eventually acquired a textile manufacturing firm called Berkshire Hathaway. Thus, the name of the firm derives from a textile company.

Warren Buffet Net Worth

According to sources as of February 2021, Buffett has a net worth of $93.4 billion, which makes him the 4th richest person in the world. Through his holding company Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett owns Stakes in top companies such as in Kraft Heinz, American Express, Apple, Wells Fargo, Coca-Cola and Bank of New York Mellon. His firm owns over 65 companies, with more than $211 billion invested in it.

List of shares in companies Warren Buffet owns: –

  • Kraft-Heinz – 26.7% Ownership
  • American Express – 17.9% Ownership
  • Apple – 9.5% Ownership
  • Wells Fargo – 9.8% Ownership
  • Coca-Cola – 9.4% Ownership
  • Bank of New York Mellon – 8.8% Ownership

Warren Buffet’s Personal Life

Buffett married to Susan Buffett (then Thompson) in the year 1952. They had three children Susie, Howard and Peter. They were together until 1977 but afterwards started living separately. They remained married but lived separately until the death of Susan Buffett in the year 2004. Buffet on his 76th birthday in 2006 got married to Astrid Menks (aged 60 years then), his long-time companion. They used to live together since Susan left in 1977. Susie Buffett works as a charitable worker through Susan A. Buffett Foundation. She lives in Omaha.

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